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My ebook Creating Amazing iPhone Photographs

I hope you will enjoy my iPhone photography book. I have published the ebook in two formats. The first choice is the Apple iBook format and the second choice is a standard PDF format. Both versions of the book have identical information but the iBook is preferred since I designed and laid out the book to make use of the iBook features. You can add bookmarks, highlight text and add notes just like you can in a real book.

A PDF version of the last edition for IO6 is available at Lulu.com A new PDF version will be released shortly.
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Workshops, classroom and private lessons

This 3-hour class is a “hands on” learning class to teach you how to use your camera and take better shots. Available CLASS DATEs:
Saturday 2/23

You’ll learn what all those knobs and dials on your camera do , go through the basics of camera settings and what settings to use in any lighting condition. We’ll explain the difference between simple Point & Shoot cameras and DSLRs (full size cameras with changeable lenses) and what kind to buy if you don’t already have one. Either camera you have, you’ll leave this crash course with a better knowledge of how your camera works.
Just bring your camera , something to take notes on and a snack or drink. Regular Price $149. "Like" us on Facebook & SAVE $90 Attend class for only $59!
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Fresh. Modern and ready for future

At Michael Sweeney Media, I produce different types of visual media. The visual media can be ebooks, ePubs, Interactive PDFs, Videos, Slide shows, training clips and more. In today's visually oriented and interactive world, multimedia is king. Producing effective multimedia is not just slapping a few still images into a slide show. To do it well involves telling the story with visual art, timing, music, dialog and a strong presentation.

Here is a short video clip on using Snapseed on an iPhone to process images. While simple in concept, I have the correct visual (iPhone screen), real app, good audio and reasonable timing for a demo.

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